* Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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Antimonium Tartaricum

Antimonium Tartaricum

Wheezing or Croupy Coughs • Stubborn Mucus • Fatigue • Lower Backache • Skin eruptions • Nausea

When coughs and stubborn mucus drain energy, this homeopathic single remedy can be very helpful. Its respiratory relief includes coughs marked by great accumulations of stubborn mucus, wheezing coughs, and croup with rattling mucus in the chest. Over time the cough makes one increasingly weak, drowsy, sweaty and pale. Antimonium also applies to skin eruptions, low back pain and gastric complaints - nausea, belching, and constipation alternating with diarrhea. Antimonium’s symptoms are generally worse at night or with milk and better sitting up.

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Excerpt from The Materia Medica - Boericki -