* Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana

#1 First Aid Remedy • Reduces Symptoms of Injuries, Blows & Exertion including Bruising & Pain • Muscle Strains & Soreness • Minor Joint Pains/Sprains • Effects of Shocking Situations

Minimize trauma and the strain of injuries with Homeopathy's most loved, proven and trusted remedy, Arnica. Arnica, homeopathy's #1 first aid remedy, has proven it can safely speed healing and reduce symptoms of accidents, bruising and swelling due to diverse injuries: blows, falls, sprains, strains, twists and turns included. Its healing benefits other situations as well, such as dental work, childbirth, etc. While it is best to use it ASAP, even old injuries that still hurt have found Arnica useful. If taken before and after exercising or moving furniture, Arnica can help the body minimize soreness, strain and pain. Arnica’s relief can be most critical when shock triggers a, “Don’t touch me, I’m fine!” attitude. In short, Arnica belongs in every home, office, gym, playground kit, first aid kit... Athletes take note: Arnica is 100% safe for drug testing or use with any other medications.

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Arnica and Homeopathy's Law of Similars:

The Arnica plant’s reputation for easing trauma was established long before homeopathy refined it. According to folklore, its benefits were first applied after observing mountain goats scramble to eat it after they fell or tripped. However, too much of a good thing gave it a reputation, too. Homeopathy’s founder, Samuel Hahnemann, observed that in very large doses, the Arnica plant’s juice has the ability to ‘disorganize tissues’ causing bleeding, bruising, etc. and impeding repair. Applying his fundamental Law of Similars, like cures like, he realized he had found the perfect remedy for injuries and muscle strain. In short, that which can disorganize tissues, can help the body organize tissues after injuries to minimize damage and stimulate healing of traumatized tissues. In small amounts, and especially in homeopathy’s finely processed dilutions, Arnica is very safe. Arnica's Specifics:

One of Arnica's key modalities is 'worse for touch' even if the touch does not involve a bruised or sensitive area. In symptoms related to shocking situations, physical or mental, Arnica is most important for patients who say, “No, I’m fine, don’t touch me, I don’t need a doctor,” even when it is obvious they need help. Versus an Aconite situation in which fear is overwhelming and help and contact are desired. Arnica can help many physical or emotional situations in which the body has a sore bruised feeling; it feels oversensitive, achy and does not want to be touched, as in body aches with flu or the complaint, 'the bed feels too hard.' Other modalities for Arnica include improvement with rest and lying down with head low; and worsening with touch, motion, rest, wine and damp cold. (Boericke) In short, Arnica is so important in minimizing trauma it needs to be available 24-7. We cannot underestimate its importance for everyone and are pleased that it is finding its way into everyday care around the world.

Excerpt from The Materia Medica - Boericki -