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Gentle Souls - Cell Salts

By Miranda Castro CCH, FSHom

Since the AAP and other organizations are embracing a ‘wait-and-see’ protocol before antibiotics for common AOM cases, homeopathy can play a crucial role in keeping kids healthy and away from the cycle of recurring earaches.


Foundation of Cell Salts 

Sit back and enjoy a brief introduction to cell salts with Mitch Mahler, Dip.Bio.Med, CSP, CNSA

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Cell Salts: 12 Therapeutic Allies

"Disease is not something personal and special, but only a manifestation of life under modified conditions, operating according to the same laws as apply to the living body at all times"


Cell Salts: At a Glance

Cell salts can now play a more crucial role than ever before due to the widespread deficiencies observed in our food, the environmental challenges we face, and the high pace of life that is so prevalent today


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