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Introduction to Cell Salts with Mitch Mahler

Introduction to Cell Salts with Mitch Mahler


Cell salts are based on biochemistry – defined as the chemistry of life.

Developed by Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, a medical doctor and homeopath. He discovered Rudolph Virchow’s work in cellular pathology and the wonders of minerals through the “cell theory” (healing the individual cells is key).

A Dutch physiologist Jacob Moleschott showed that phosphorus was essential for the nervous system, and spurred the interest in the role of minerals in the body.  An agriculturist Justus Von Liebig showed how the inorganic medium of plants when lacking caused growth problems but could also be corrected by supplying the deficient minerals.  Through further research Schuessler disovered there were 12 key single mineral combinations that were critical to proper functioning of healthy cells throughout the body.  When these minerals were in balance health would be maintained or improved but any imbalance caused disease or illness. In 1874 Schuessler wrote “an abridged therapy on the basis of physiology and cellular pathology”.  This was the beginning of the Biochemic system of medicine.

Here is a quick comparison of tissue salts (cell salts or biochemic salts) to other forms of minerals.

  • Trace minerals – typically needed in very small amounts and are usually present in 50 PPM or less and essentiality has not been established.
  • Electrolytes - are minerals broken down in sugar water and usually contain some key minerals such as sodium, magnesium and potassium.  These can be helpful during endurance activities but unless you are intensely exercising for 45 minutes of more you don’t need the extra sugar boost.
  • Regular minerals - are important for health but taking too much of a single mineral can cause an imbalance relative to other minerals in the body, for example, too much iron can affect the zinc balance which in turn affects the absorption of selenium and manganese.  If there is a disruption in cell function then even when you have the adequate resources your body cannot utilize it properly.  A great example is magnesium for cramping.  Many people take magnesium for cramping but when there is a disturbance at the cellular level and the magnesium can't get to where it’s needed, and the person will still experience muscle cramps.

Enter Tissue salts: these are homeopathically prepared minerals through a process called trituration which is a similar process to using a mortar and pestle to grind down substances.  Because tissue salts work on the physiological level of cells they are usually used in potencies of 3X, 6X (most widely used) and 12X.

  • All have a positive and negative ion
  • They have an alkaline and acidic component
  • These balanced formulas will not cause and imbalance
  • They absorb through mucous membranes in the mouth, especially the quick dissolve tablets (since so many people struggle with digestion and absorption).

Why do we have so many mineral deficiencies now a days?

  • Damage in the way we grow our foods depleted of minerals
  • Pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers
  • Polluted air and water
  • Irradiated foods and genetically modified crops (that should scare you)
  • Electromagnetic radiation, cell towers, airport scanners and yes phones
  • Stress from over work, over exercise, social media comparisons of inadequacy
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Lack or avoidance of spiritual elements

These stressors create an acidic environment in the body which causes minerals to be leached from the bones to buffer the acidity, and deficiencies can develop over time. So Schuessler said that each biochemical remedy must be diluted to such a degree that the functioning of healthy cells is not disrupted, yet existing malfunctions can be corrected.

With all these stresses on the body I usually start people off with a 12 in 1 cell salt combination. I use the analogy that it’s like a general fertilizer to maintain healthy regular function of cells. The easiest way to take them is to take a capful of quick dissolve tabs of 12 in 1 cell salt combination, and drop into a full water bottle, close the lid, and shake a few times until the tablets dissolve. You can drink it throughout the day. 

If you still experience individual symptoms you can add the individual cell salts as needed, for example:

  • Mag phos for cramping (even if you are already taking magnesium this cell salts will be very beneficial restore balance)
  • Nat Phos when you have hyper acidic conditions like gout or arthritic type conditions or you didn’t cool down properly after workout
  • Kali phos is you are mentally stressed, overwhelmed, can’t focus (YES we all need this one)
  • Ferr phos when you have the onset of a sore throat or cold

Take several doses throughout the day (4 tablets each time) or throw 16-20 in your water bottle and consume throughout the day

Mitchel Mahler, CNSA, Dip.Bio.Med., CSP
Mitch is the Director of Training and Education for Hyland”s.  Training retailers throughout  Canada, United States, Singapore and Australia.  Mitch draws on 30+ years of experience in competitive sports (Judo, Basketball, Ju Jitsu, Ball Room Dancing, and Natural Body Building), nutrition (Certified Sports Nutritionist), marriage mentoring (pre-marriage), cell salts (Diploma in Biochemic Medicine) and homeopathy in a quest to help people understand important principles of a healthy lifestyle.  He is also passionate about trigger point therapy and Body rolling to keep the body tuned up.  He has helped motivate many people to change areas of their lives in order to enhance their overall health and vitality. Mitch resides in British Columbia, Canada.  Married to his wife Julia for over 25 years and has two children.

*This information is intended for professional use only. The views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of TxOptions, Standard Homeopathic and Hyland’s. These statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.