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Single Remedies for Chiropractic Physicians

by Jamie Oskin, ND

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Arnica is the number-one remedy for traumatic injuries and will be helpful in about 70% of such cases. Useful for sprains and strains to tendons and ligaments, contusions, head injuries, post surgical recovery, and bruising after any accident or blunt force trauma. The key is to give Arnica right after the traumatic injury in the first state, when there is swelling, black and blue bruising, and the injury feels sore or bruised.

Hypericum perf

The main homeopathic remedy for crush injuries, to the distal extremities such as fingers, toes and nails. It can also be used post surgically when arnica fails, as for phantom pains in amputees. Patients needing hypericum will have intolerable shooting nerve pains that will travel upward from the distal extremity proximally. Hypericum is also the most indicated first-aid remedy for coccyx injuries.

Cimicifuga rac

Cimicifuga is the remedy for the bruised, sore feeling of muscle tissue after a hard exercise. You may find this valuable for your sedentary patients who come in sore after starting up a new exercise regimen.

Rhus tox

Consider Rhus tox as a top remedy for sports injuries such as knee and ankle sprains as well as low back-pain. You can prescribe it a few days after your initial Arnica prescription, once that has helped the swelling come down. Rhus tox injuries often happen from overexertion. The pain is aching and the joint will feel stiff, especially after resting for a while. Low back pain will be better from hard pressure and heat.


Bryonia is another remedy for sports injuries such as sprains/strains, low-back pain, and costochondritis. You will need to differentiate your prescription between Bryonia and Rhus tox. As with Rhus tox, prescribe Bryonia following an Arnica prescription once the initial swelling and bruising have improved. You will know it’s time because the swelling has improved, yet the pain still persists. For an accurate Bryonia prescription, the pain will worsen from the slightest motion and improve from rest and hard pressure. It will worsen from warmth and improve with cold applications.

Ruta grav

Next to Rhus tox or Bryonia, Ruta is an invaluable remedy for sprain / strain injuries to the wrists, ankles and flexor tendons and ligaments. You can give in the second stage after Arnica for bruised, weak and sore joints.


This remedy can treat acute injuries, costochondritis and low back pain. For severe and pulsating, throbbing, shooting pain, spasms and intense cramps.


The main remedy given for speeding the healing of bone fractures. This is a supportive therapy given once the fracture has been set by an orthopedist. It will follow Arnica well after the initial stages of swelling and bruising have improved. Best to prescribe a low potency dose (6C or 30C daily) until the fracture is completely healed.

Mag phos

The person needing Mag phos will have a classis sciatica pattern of nerve pain extending from the low back down to the back of the buttocks and back of leg. The pain can be cramping (often from overexertion) or sudden, violent, and neuralgic, such as cutting, shooting, or sharp lighning-like pains. When the sciatica pain improves from warmth and pressure ( but warmth gives the most relief),


This is another sciatica remedy. When the pain improves from warmth and hard pressure (but pressure gives the most relief, Colocynthis will often be effective. In their state of extreme pain, patients may be angry, indignant and easily offended; yet these mental-emotional symptoms are not as significant for diagnosis as are the physical symptoms.

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