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Calc. Sulph. (Cell Salt)

Calc. Sulph. (Cell Salt)


Calc phos (calcium phosphate) a popular favorite with parents. Scheussler designed this remedy from calcium phosphate to give us a cell salt for symptoms related to growth, teething, excess study, physical stress, etc. Its relief extends to many complaints including: headaches, weakness, slow healing wounds, minor joint pain, back pain, minor numbness with a crawling sensation, weak digestion, iron deficiency, heavy periods, peevish behavior and a general discontent (wants to go somewhere else). Key indicators include a desire for change or travel, frequent perspiration, cravings for fatty, salty foods and an intolerance for dairy products or fruit. On a constitutional level, it applies to those who feel very discontented, dissatisfied; they may complain, want to move to find happiness somewhere else, but can be friendly and open.

Scheussler advocated only low potencies for cell salts. For more potency options, go to the single remedy listing, Calcarea Sulphurica.

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Categories: Cell Salts

Uses: For the temporary symptomatic relief of the symptoms of Coughs, Skin Ailments, Sore Throat, Colds, Toothache.

CALC SULPH has a cleansing and purifying influence throughout the system. Minor skin ailments, acne, and pimples during adolescence and sore throats are all indications for CALC SULPH. Symptoms are generally worse after getting wet and better in a warm, dry atmosphere.

CALC SULPH is specifically useful for relief of symptoms of: Coughs- when the cough is loose and rattling with expectoration of thin, watery phlegm. Skin Ailments- where there are thick yellow discharges and yellowish scabs. Sore Throat- with irritation, coughing and general discomfort. Colds- if taken in the early stages can prevent further development of a cold. Toothache- for toothache with sore swollen gums that bleed on brushing.

Insights from the Experts: “The main guiding symptom for Calc sulph is a strong tendency for suppuration often with a characteristic yellowish discharge... The discharges last for a long time with no healing or only very slow healing. There is a strong tendency for jealousy, which can take the form of sibling rivalry and may focus on love relationships..... Strong personality.” –Roger Morrison, MD, Desktop Guide