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Kali Mur. (Cell Salt)

Kali Mur. (Cell Salt)


Kali Mur clears congestions before white matures to yellow. Scheussler found potassium chloride important for breaking down white mucus and discharge (fibrin). Thus he states that the remedy version, Kali mur, helps the body cleanse diverse complaints in the ‘white’ phase, i.e., when discharges are white or the tongue has a white coating. Kali mur’s relief covers cold, cough and sinus congestion symptoms marked by white-ish mucus. For skin symptoms with white discharge or spots, it helps the body figure out how to clear up pimples, eruptions and minor cases of thrush (including breastfeeding issues and vaginal thrush). For digestive symptoms with heartburn, acidity, gas, diarrhea and sick headaches, look for that white coating on the tongue.

Scheussler advocated only low potencies for cell salts. For more potency options, go to the single remedy listing, Kali Muriaticum.

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Categories: Cell Salts

Uses: For the temporary symptomatic relief of the symptoms of Coughs, Eye Irritation, Skin Ailments.

KALI MUR is the remedy for relief of symptoms of sluggish conditions and symptoms affecting the mucous membranes with thick, white discharges: coughs, colds, sore throats and catarrh. This tissue salt is useful as a first aid treatment for burns. Symptoms may be worse with motion and after eating fatty or rich foods.

KALI MUR is specifically useful for the symptoms of: Coughs- children’s coughs, with a white coated tongue and white phlegm can be relieved with the tissue remedy KALI MUR. Eyes- eye irritation with whitish discharge. Skin Ailments are a large and important group which influence the general health. KALI MUR is an effective tissue remedy relief of symptoms of the second stages of inflammatory conditions. Thick, white eruptions accompanied by a white-coated tongue are indications for KALI MUR.