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Kali Phos. (Cell Salt)

Kali Phos. (Cell Salt)


Clinically, this remedy’s source, potassium phosphate, is usually given with sodium phosphate, for treating low phosphorus levels. In this case, Scheussler knew he had a substance key to nerve, brain and other cells. Thus he worked with Kali phos to give balancing, revitalizing support when symptoms following injury, illness, stress or sadness include a heavy, yet restless fatigue or physical weakness. When pain results, he used it to relieve symptoms of nervous headaches, backache, low back pains that extend down the thigh, and other pains, plus buzzing noises. On the emotional plane, its symptoms include temper tantrums, occasional sleeplessness, nightmares, hypersensitivity, sadness and gloom.

Scheussler advocated only low potencies for cell salts. For more potency options, go to the single remedy listing, Kali Phosphoricum.

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Categories: Cell Salts

Uses: For the temporary symptomatic relief of the symptoms of Bed Wetting, Sciatica, Sleeplessness.

KALI PHOS is specifically useful for: Bed Wetting is a fairly common habit with some young children. It may be due to nervousness, indigestion, too much liquid before retiring or just a habit. KALI PHOS is the principal remedy to consider for relief of symptoms or nervous, highly strung children. Nerves- KALI PHOS is the principal nerve tissue remedy; the nerve nutrient and revitalizer which should be given in ailments of a nervous character. It is the remedy when the nerves are said to be “on edge.” Sciatica is an inflammation on the great sciatic nerve that runs down the back of the thigh. It can follow as a result of exposure to cold and dampness, causing irritation of the nerve. Sleeplessness- KALI PHOS is the principal remedy relief of symptoms of sleeplessness from nervous causes or due to over-excitement.