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Kali Bichromicum

Kali Bichromicum

Sinus & Nasal Congestion • Stubborn Ropy Mucus • Gagging Coughs • Headaches

Kali bich helps the body break down thick, ropy, sticky, yellow, tough, stubborn mucus, relieving symptoms of sinus pain, post nasal drip, pain at the root of the nose, hawking, nasal blockage, gagging coughs, etc. Related nausea, wandering joint pains and frontal migraine-like headache symptoms can enjoy its relief as well. Symptoms feel worse in the morning and in hot weather but better for heat. If mucus suppressants, pollen, or beer are in the picture, the support of Kali bich may be called for.

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Kali bichromicum (potassium bichromate)

Insights From the Experts:

Common traits of all Kali’s: conservative, regular, proper, down to earth. “Lots of emphasis on morality and what is right, what is wrong...Each of them with a slightly different flavour.... [Kali bich] Something gluey about them; carries the properness of the Kali’s a little bit further; goes into details; the perfect bureaucrats” [Morrison] – Frans Vermeulen’s Synoptic Materia Medica

More Detailed Description:

Kali bich specializes in symptoms related to mucus membranes of the airways (nose, throat and lungs) and foodways (stomach and bowels), but can relieve a particular pain pattern as well. After this cursory review, the details get rather graphic. Beginning with the sinuses, the thick, ropy, yellow to green, sticky, stringy, stubborn, smelly mucus crusts up in the nose and fills the sinuses causing choking post nasal drip, a stubborn cough to clear the throat, hoarseness and pain especially at the root of the nose. As mucus accumulates overnight, morning becomes a torment of blocked nasal passages with stubborn hacking, hawking, gagging and coughing. The cough, of course, can be very stubborn and painful. These symptoms often include a sore throat that feels dry and the pain may extend to the ears. If sinus medicines have suppressed nasal-sinus symptoms, Kali bich will often loosen up the problem. Its sinus headaches and mostly frontal migraine-like pains may come on at the same time every day and start in a specific spot (above the eyes) then extend out. They are worse in the morning, at night and for motion. Its indigestion is often beer related and has empty sour belching. It can lead to vomiting and slimy diarrhea, especially in the morning. Food may sit like a big load and cause cutting pains. Kali bich’s sore, stitching, as if bruised, wandering but ‘in one spot’ pains usually come and go suddenly. If these pains occur in weak limbs, joints, or achilles tendons, Kali bich is likely to bring relief. Its headaches and abdominal distress symptoms may have similar wandering pains. Chilly individuals who are sensitive to cold (especially on the back of the neck), yet cannot take much summer heat are prime targets for Kali bich symptoms. They tend to avoid mental and physical exertion, are sensitive to allergies, and prefer to live an orderly life completely by the rule book. Regardless of the lifestyle, we can all benefit from Kali bich’s cleansing relief when congestion calls for it.

Kali bichromicum (kali-bi)

Excerpt from The Materia Medica - Boericki -

Natural History

Bichromate of Potash


The special affinities of this drug are the mucous membrane of stomach, bowels, and air-passages; bones and fibrous tissue. Kidneys, heart, and liver are also affected. Incipient parenchymatous; nephritis. Nephritis with gastric disturbances. Cirrhosis of liver. Anaemia and absence of fever are characteristic. General weakness bordering on paralysis. It is especially indicated for fleshy, fat, light complexioned persons subject to catarrhs or with syphilitic or scrofulous history. Symptoms are worse in the morning; PAINS MIGRATE QUICKLY, rheumatic and gastric symptoms alternate. More adapted to subacute rather than the violent acute stage. Mucous membranes everywhere are affected. Catarrh of pharynx, larynx, bronchi and nose, and a TOUGH, STRINGY, VISCID SECRETION is produced, which condition is a very strong guiding symptom for this drug. PERFORATION OF THE SEPTUM. Chronic atonic catarrh. Polypus. Dilatation of stomach and heart.


Vertigo with nausea when rising from seat. Headache over EYEBROWS, preceded by blurred vision. ACHING AND FULLNESS IN GLABELLA. Semilateral headache in small spots, and from suppressed catarrh. Frontal pain; usually over one eye. BONES AND SCALP FEEL SORE.


Supraorbital neuralgia, right side. Eyelids burn, swollen, edematous. Discharge ROPY and yellow. Ulcers on cornea; no pain or photophobia. DESCEMETITIS, with only moderate irritation of eye. Croupous conjunctivitis; granular lids, with pannus. Iritis, with punctate deposits on inner surface of cornea. Slight pain, with severe ulceration or inflammation. (CONIUM opposite.)


Swollen, with tearing pains. Thick, yellow, stringy, fetid discharge. Sharp stitches in left ear.


Snuffles of children, ESPECIALLY FAT, CHUBBY BABIES. PRESSURE AND PAIN AT ROOT OF NOSE, and sticking pain in nose. SEPTUM ULCERATE; round ulcer. FETID SMELL. DISCHARGE THICK, ROPY, GREENISH-YELLOW. TOUGH, ELASTIC PLUGS from nose; leave a raw surface. Inflammation extends to frontal sinuses, with distress and fullness at root of nose. Dropping from posterior nares. (HYDR.) LOSS OF SMELL. Much hawking. Inability to breathe through nose. Dryness. CORYZA, WITH OBSTRUCTION OF nose. VIOLENT SNEEZING. Profuse, watery nasal discharge. Chronic inflammation of frontal sinus with stopped-up sensation.


Florid complexion. Blotchy, red appearance. Acne. (JUGLAN; KAL. ARS.) Bones sensitive, especially beneath orbits.


Dry; viscid saliva. Tongue mapped, RED, SHINING, SMOOTH, AND DRY, with dysentery; broad, flat, indented, thickly coated. Feeling of a hair on tongue.


Fauces red and inflamed. Dry and rough. Parotid glands swollen. Uvula relaxed, EDEMATOUS, BLADDER-LIKE. Pseudomembranous deposit on tonsils and soft palate. Burning extending to stomach. Aphthae. Diphtheria, with profound prostration and soft pulse. Discharge from mouth and throat, tough and stringy.


Nausea and vomiting after beer. Load immediately after eating. Feels as if digestion had stopped. Dilatation of stomach. Gastritis. ROUND ULCER OF STOMACH. Stitches in region of liver and spleen and through to spine. Dislikes water. Cannot digest meat. Desire for beer and acids. Gastric symptoms are relieved after eating, and the rheumatic symptoms reappear. Vomiting of bright yellow water.


Cutting pain in abdomen, soon after eating. Chronic intestinal ulceration. Soreness in right hypochondrium, fatty infiltration of liver and increase in soft fibrous tissue. Painful retraction, soreness and burning.


Jelly-like, gelatinous; WORSE, MORNINGS. Dysentery; tenesmus, stools brown, frothy. Sensation of a plug in anus. Periodic constipation, with pain across the loins, and brown urine.

Urinary Organs

Burning in urethra. AFTER URINATING A DROP SEEMS TO REMAIN WHICH CANNOT BE EXPELLED. Ropy mucus in urine. Urethra becomes clogged up. Congestion of kidney; nephritis, with scanty, albuminous urine and casts. Pyelitis; urine mixed with epithelial cells, mucus, pus or blood. HEMATOCHYLURIA.


Itching and pain of penis, with pustules. Ulcers, with paroxysmal stitches; aggravated at night. Constriction at root of penis, at night on awakening. Syphilitic ulcers, with cheesy, tenacious exudation. Erections (PICRIC-AC.)


Yellow, tenacious leucorrhoea. Pruritus of vulva, with great burning and excitement. Prolapsus uteri; WORSE IN HOT WEATHER.


Voice hoarse; worse, evening. Metallic, hacking cough. PROFUSE, YELLOW EXPECTORATION, VERY GLUTINOUS AND STICKY, coming out in long, stringy, and very tenacious mass. Tickling in larynx. Catarrhal laryngitis cough has a brassy sound. True membranous croup, extending to larynx and nares. Cough, with pain in sternum, extending to shoulders; worse when undressing. Pain at bifurcation of trachea on coughing; from mid-sternum to back.


Dilatation, especially from coexisting kidney lesion. Cold feeling around heart. (KALI-NIT.)


CUTTING THROUGH LOINS; cannot walk; extends to groins. Pain in coccyx and sacrum extending up and down.


Pains fly rapidly from one place to another. (KALI-SULPH.; PULS.) Wandering pains, along the bones; worse cold. Left-sided sciatica; better, motion. Bones feels sore and bruised. VERY WEAK. Tearing pains in tibia; syphilitic rheumatism. (MEZ.) Pain, swelling and stiffness and crackling of all joints. Soreness of heels when walking. Tendo Achilles swollen and painful. Pains in small spots. (OXALIC-AC.)


Acne. Papular eruptions. ULCER WITH PUNCHED-OUT EDGES, with tendency to penetrate and tenacious exudation. Pustular eruption, resembling small-pox, with burning pains. Itching with vesicular eruption.


BETTER, from heat. WORSE, beer, morning, hot weather, undressing.


Compare: TART. EMET.; BROM.; HEPAR; IND.; CALC.;' ANT. CR. In the production of false membranes compare: BROM.; AMMON. CAUST.; SULPH-AC.; IPECAC.

Antidotes: ARS.; LACH.


Third trituration, also thirtieth attenuation and higher.

The lower preparations of this salt should not be kept too long.