* Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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Ammonium carb (am-c.)

W. Boericke, M.D.

Natural History

Carbonate of Ammonia


Forgetful, ill-humored, gloomy during STORMY WEATHER. UNCLEANLINESS. Talking and hearing others talk affects greatly. Sad, weepy, unreasonable.


Pulsating forehead; better, pressure and in warm room. Shocks through head.


Burning of eyes with aversion to light. Eye-strain. (Nat-mur.) Asthenopia. Sore canthi.


Hardness of hearing. Shocks through ears, eyes, and nose, when gnashing teeth.


Discharge of sharp, burning water. STOPPAGE AT NIGHT, WITH LONG-CONTINUED CORYZA. CANNOT BREATHE THROUGH NOSE. SNUFFLES of children. EPISTAXIS AFTER WASHING AND AFTER EATING. Ozaena, blows bloody mucus from nose. Tip of nose congested.


Great dryness of mouth and throat. Toothache. PRESSING TEETH TOGETHER SENDS SHOCKS THROUGH HEAD, EYES, AND EARS. Vesicles on tongue. Taste sour; metallic. Cracking of jaws on chewing.


Enlarged tonsils and glands of neck. Burning pain all down throat. Tendency to gangrenous ulceration of tonsils. Diphtheria WHEN NOSE IS STOPPED UP.


Pain at pit of stomach, with heartburn, nausea, water brash, and chilliness. Great appetite, but easily satisfied. Flatulent dyspepsia.


Noise and pain in abdomen. Flatulent hernia. Stools difficult, hard, and knotty. BLEEDING PILES; WORSE DURING MENSES. Itching at anus. Protruding piles, worse after stool, better lying down.

Urine Section

Frequent desire; involuntary at night. Tenesmus of bladder. Urine white, sandy, bloody, copious, turbid and fetid.


Itching and pain of scrotum and spermatic cords. Erection without desire. Seminal emissions.


Itching, swelling and burning of pudendum. Leucorrhoea burning, acrid, watery. Aversion to the other sex. Menses too FREQUENT, PROFUSE, early, copious, clotted, black; colicky pains, and hard, difficult stool, with FATIGUE, especially of thighs; yawning and chilliness.


Hoarseness. Cough every morning about three o'clock, with dyspnoea, palpitation, burning in chest; worse ascending. Chest feels tired. Emphysema. MUCH OPPRESSION IN BREATHING; worse after any effort, and entering WARM ROOM, or ascending even a few steps. Asthenic PNEUMONIA. Slow labored, stertorous breathing; bubbling sound. Winter catarrh, with slimy sputum and specks of blood. Pulmonary oedema.


Audible palpitation with fear, cold sweat, lachrymation, inability to speak, loud breathing and trembling hands. HEART WEAK, wakes with difficult breathing and palpitation.


Tearing in joints relieved by heat of bed; inclination to stretch limbs. Hands cold and blue; distended veins. Fingers swell when arm is hanging down. Panaritium, deep-seated periosteal pain. Cramps in calves and soles. Big toe painful and swollen. Felons in the beginning. Heel painful on standing. Tearing in ankle and bones of feet, better when warm in bed.


SLEEPINESS during the day. Starts from sleep strangling.


Violent itching and burning blisters. Scarlet rash. Miliary rash. Malignant scarlatina. Faintly developed eruptions from defective vitality. Erysipelas in the aged, with brain symptoms. Eczema in the bends of extremities, between legs, about anus and genitals.


WORSE, evenings, from cold, wet weather, wet applications, washing, and during 3 to four AM, during menses.


BETTER, lying on painful side and on stomach; in dry weather.


Inimical to LACHESIS. Similar in action.

Antidotes: Arnica; Camphor.

Compare: Rhus; Muriatic acid; Tartar emet.

Of use in poisoning by charcoal fumes.


Lower potencies deteriorate with age. Sixth potency best for general use.