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Analgesic / Pain Relief

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  1. Hyland's Arnica 30X (50 Tablets)

    Arnica, homeopathy’s #1 first aid remedy, relieves joint & muscle soreness, bruising and swelling, stiffness, back ache and inflammation. This is an ideal choice for every day pain and acute injuries. You can take it before activity to minimize pain later! Hyland’s Arnica 30X offers 100% natural pain relief without the long list of side effects of conventional pain medications. Our new pain relief formula speeds your recovery from injuries and trauma and the tablets dissolve qui Learn More
  2. Hyland's Leg Cramps PM Tablets

    This unique version of Hyland’s popular Leg Cramps specializes in relieving pain and cramps in the lower body– legs, feet and toes– plus accompanying nighttime sleeplessness. Its effective pain relief helps you fall asleep and get back to sleep at night. • Experience Natural, Safe and Effective nighttime pain relief – and wake up refreshed • Unique sleep formula helps you fall asleep and get back to sleep after being woken by cramps during the night • Co Learn More
  3. Hyland's ArnicAid Tablets

    Hyland’s ArnicAid® tablets are indicated for the control and temporary symptomatic relief of bruising, swelling and muscle soreness due to falls, blows or other injury. Hyland’s ArnicAid® provides 100% natural relief for children and adults. Best administered immediately after any accident or injury. Hyland’s ArnicAid® contains no aspirin, sucrose, dextrose or fillers. Like all homeopathic medicines, Hyland’s ArnicAid® has no known side effects. Learn More
  4. Hyland's Leg Cramps

    From: $8.39

    Hyland’s Leg Cramps™ offers a traditional formula for the natural relief of symptoms of cramps and pains in lower back and legs. It can be especially useful if symptoms are made worse by damp weather. Perfectly safe for adults and can be used in conjunction with other medications. Hyland's Leg Cramps - the #1 Pharmacist Recommended leg cramp OTC medication. This medicine quickly stimulates your body's natural healing powers to stop the pain. • Relief of pain and cramping in joi Learn More
  5. Hyland's Arthritis Pain Formula

    From: $7.69

    This Hyland’s formula is a traditional homeopathic combination for the relief of joint pain, minor stiffness and swelling, associated with minor arthritis symptoms. As its ingredients include Arnica, Hyland’s formula is also indicated for minor muscular pain associated with overexertion, especially in the back and neck. Learn More
  6. Hyland's Hypericum Spray

    From: $7.29

    Hypericum is homeopathy’s first aid remedy for stubbed toes, pinched fingers and bumped tailbones - injuries to sensitive areas. With Hyland’s Hypericum Spray, you can have the soothing and healing benefits of topical application without the pain of rubbing tender injuries. Just aim, press and feel the pain melt away. This spray is alcohol based, so it should not be sprayed on open wounds. Learn More
  7. Boiron's Arnica Gel

    From: $8.95

    Topical gel to help relieve muscle pain and stiffness due to minor injuries, overexertion and falls. Reduces pain, swelling and discoloration from bruises. Muscle Pain & Stiffness Swelling from Injuries Bruising Quickly Absorbed #1 Homeopathic Arnica - Pain Reliever Paraben Free Learn More
  8. Weleda Calendula Skin Recovery

    Moisturizes and calms sensitive skin Multipurpose formula that has a soothing effect on targeted areas prone to redness and irritation Formulated with a high percentage (20%) of calendula extract handpicked from our garden's in Germany Learn More
  9. Boiron Optique 1 Eye Drops (10 Doses)

    Temporarily relieves minor eye irritation due to fatigue or airborne irritants such as ragweed, other pollens and dust. Soothes red, dry, itchy, gritty, burning or tired eyes. Optique 1 Eye Drops are available in a box of 10 or 20 single-use liquid doses. Learn More
  10. Luyties Hypericum Non-Alcoholic
    Outof stock

    Luyties Hypericum Non-Alcoholic

    The perfect complement to our Hypericum tablets when surface nerves need topical treatment. Hypericum N/A helps soothe and encourages healing of injured, aggravated nerves suffering from cuts, abrasions, sunburns, acute scaldings or diaper rash. Learn More
Items 1 to 10 of 47 total
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