* Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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Potency Selection

Opinions and methods vary greatly when it comes to potency discussions. Lessons typically advise you match the strength of the condition with the potency of the remedy, e.g., a sudden strong Belladonna fever can meet its match in a strong fast-acting potency of 30C or higher. However, there are other factors such as remedy selection and patient’s vitality that play a part in potency selection.

1. Lower Potencies (3X or C, 6X or C, 12X or C) require less certainty of remedy selection as they typically stimulate responses for a wider range of symptoms. Low potencies can be repeated frequently, have a very low risk of stimulating healing aggravations and are best for conditions with less severity or for those whose overall vitality is very low or unresponsive.

2. Middle Potencies (24X or C, 30X or C) share benefits with both low and high potencies regarding repetition, severity and applications. 30C is the potency most ordered by practitioners as it applies well to physical, mental and emotional symptoms and allows room for higher potencies. Some use it to clear a path for higher potencies in constitutional work.

3. High Potencies (200X or C, M potencies) can penetrate more deeply and require very accurate remedy selection to be effective. High potencies are typically used for constitutional work, for more severe conditions and when symptoms have a fiercely sudden onset. Working with high potencies also brings a higher risk of triggering healing aggravations.

4. LM and Q potencies stimulate even more controversy but are considered some of the gentlest approaches to dosing.

As for quantity vs frequency, you only need think of the remedy as energy – 12 volts is 12 volts regardless of the size of the wire that delivers it, however frequent shocks of 12 volts can create a greater disturbance. Thus frequency completely outranks the number of tablets every time in homeopathy.