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A division of Standard Homeopathic Company: TxOptions (Treatment Options) is a licensed pharmacy and modern laboratory designed to provide the most comprehensive choice of homeopathic medicines.  To learn more about us click here:

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Shop for Homeopathy- Shop for Homeopathic Medicines

First aid, Pain, Stress & Sleep, Cold & Flu, Children, Women, Kits, Cell Salts and Single Remedies.  Basic homeopathic combination remedies or homeopathic single remedies, organized by topic and index.


Learn Homeopathy- Learn the basics of Homeopathy

What is homeopathy? How does homeopathy help the body heal itself? How does homeopathy differ from traditional medicine?  Homeopathy's two guiding principles.. Watch these educational videos, or view our page of frequently asked questions. 


- View Recent Articles and Content Updates

Homeopathy is summer friendly!  Essential homeopathy remedies for summer, Sunburn Solutions, and the essentials of heat risks.

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- For Practitioners

Papers, interviews, homeopathic treatment tactics and more.

- Materia Medica

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