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Skin Irritation • Congestions & Colds • Indigestion • Headaches

Though often characterized as the remedy for absent-minded, sloppy, bath-hating philosophers, or the children who never stops asking ‘Why?’, Sulphur covers the gamut of ailments head to toe. Its range of, often smelly, symptoms include: dry, scaly, itchy skin that suppurates easily; feverish, sweaty colds with yellow mucus, suffocating coughs and congested ears; indigestion with odorous flatulence and a.m. diarrhea. Other symptoms include: headaches that feel constricted, hot and full with bursting pain; unrefreshing sleep that causes fatigue. Sulphur can do the most for a range of people who care little about cleanliness, may become idle with stress or boredom, and are prone to asking “why” (esp. children). Sulphur is known to bring things to the surface and has a strange ability to help when the right remedy isn’t working as it should.

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Sulphur  (sublimed sulfur)     

As for the ‘Sulphur Type’, there are many. It covers quite a spectrum of traits and personalities from the robust to the emaciated, from the generous to the most miserly, the outspoken critic and the spokesperson for humanity. From the drunkard, dirty, wise-fool of Shakespeare’s Falstaff to the knowledgeable intense egoist Sherlock Holmes, some of the greatest characters in literature and history come under the wide range of Sulphur egos. Whether full of themselves or of concern for their families and health, Sulphurs tend to lack the practical nature that guides most of our daily lives. In homeopathic care, Sulphur is often used when the true ‘similimum’ is not working. Insights from the Experts:

“There are two main types of personalities for this remedy:

1) The philosophical type who has great intellectual interest but poor connection with friends and family....

2) The “practical idealist” whose main focus is on service and social interaction... extroverted, friendly, charming...” “Women. The female Sulphur patient may not show the same personality... Though she may be egotistical and intellectual, often she seems to have a greater focus on business and practical matters... highly competent, busy, alert.”    –Roger Morrison    Desktop Guide

Excerpt from The Materia Medica - Boericki -